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Who's it for?

From busy parents just trying to get something healthy on table to athletes trying to optimize their performance. From weight loss to gaining muscle, or even getting ready for that 5k. Whatever your goal we can help you. 

What's included?

It starts with accountability. We provide you with the support  of a personal coach to help keep you motivated and keep you moving towards a better lifestyle. Our team of coaches our experts on different nutrition styles - including meal plans, flexible dieting, or macros. Our coaches are ready to help you find what works best for you and your lifestyle. 

You'll get weekly check-ins, customized nutrition plan, recipes, supplement suggestions, how-to guides, meal prep tutorial, and much more!

In the Supermarket
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I had been doing CrossFit and thought I was eating healthy for at least a year before I realized my body just was not changing. No matter how hard I tried, working out 6 days a week and just eating what I thought was clean. Ashley was able to track down my inconsistencies and nailed down why I wasn't hitting my goals. I simply was not eating enough, I did not know how to read labels correctly and overall, I just wasn't well educated in understanding what my body needed to fuel that lifestyle I was living. She taught me how to appropriately track my macros, introduced me to flavorful recipes, and provided me the accountability I needed to hit my goals.

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This client started with us in February of 2020 and was quickly hit with the quarantine and no gym! This didn't stop her progress. During this time she started working with Cassie and was not only able to keep her workouts going, but also tackled her nutrition with our Nutrition Coaching. She stuck to the program and the results speak for themselves!

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My experience with Ashley has been nothing but positive. From the very beginning, Ashley was knowledgeable, answering any questions I had, but also informative and had plenty of reasons we were implementing the strategies and numbers we did. On day one, she kicked my butt into gear motivating me to be consistent, eat the right foods, get plenty of sleep and rest but most importantly - her words of encouragement and her ability to enhance motivation and remind you where you started

How does it work?

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Once you've decided you're ready to transform you nutrition and lifestyle. You'll meet with one of our expert coaches for a consultation and decide the path that will work best for you. 

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Pick Profile

Tell us a bit about yourself and your goals. How often do you workout, what type of workouts and what your current nutrition is like. You will also submit photos to track progress.

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Your Plan

Your coach will review your profile and build your custom nutrition plan. This will include instructions, strategies, and advice for your first week

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Each week, you'll have an official check-in with your coach to measure progress, make adjustments, and provide accountability. This is the key to success! 


Here's what you get...

Legal Research and Writing

Weekly Check-Ins + Customized Coaching.

100% individualized nutrition plan

Weekly check-in where you meet with your coach, analyze your progress, make adjustments, provide resources and strategies to help you work towards your goals.

Access to your coach via text + email with a 24 hour response time

Nutrition "goodies". Recipes, supplement suggestions, how-to's, eating out guides, meal prep tutorial, alcohol tracker.

Accountability, motivation, and coaches who care. 

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