Tyler Bennett


Tyler Bennett

Co-Owner & Coach

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In addition to being a Gym Owner and coach, Tyler works full-time as a Flight Paramedic in Escambia County. "I've always had a passion for helping people, whether it's in the back of a helicopter or at the gym". Tyler's love for CrossFit and fitness began in 2010, since then he has obtained his CF-L1, CrossFit Kids Trainer and helped hundreds meet their fitness goals.

CrossFit Level-2, CrossFit Kids

Ed Siwicki

Co-Owner & Coach

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Ed's fitness journey began after realizing a need to lose weight and increase his overall health. What started out as a way to get healthy and relieve stress quickly turned into him losing 75 pounds and finding a new passion for helping others do the same.  Ed also owns a 24k sq/ft multi-faceted facility in Warren, Ohio. which houses over 3000 members! Ed holds a CrossFit Level-1 Certification. 

CrossFit Level-2

Lauren Adlof


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Lauren's athletic career began in college as part of Grand Valley State rowing team.  She holds certifications for personal training, CrossFit L-1, CrossFit Football, CSCS, tactical strength and conditioning, certified exercise physiologist, and weightlifting. 


Lauren is an active researcher conducting studies and teaching at UWF.  She has presented research at a multiple national conferences.

CrossFit Level-1, CSCS, Tactical Strength & Conditioning, USAW L1 M.S. Exercise Science

These great trainers work with all-abilities, I was surrounded by strong and talented individuals who were able to modify workouts for me, and didn't make me feel like any less of an athlete then the rest. -Tammy Simmons, CrossFit SRC Member